Q:What is the difference between ordinary milk tablet and OneOne milk chews with milk calcium powder?

A:Milk calcium is whey salt concentrate, extracted directly from the milk with high protein calcium. As the milk is rich in lactose and protein, the absorption rate (as high as 62% to 70%) is much higher than other common calcium. The absorption rate is  2.5 times to calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate, 1.75 times to the calcium lactate, and 5.5 times the ocean calcium.

Q:What is nutritional value of milk chews in compared with fresh milk ?

A:OneOne milk chews  are mainly made up of milk powder and maltose (oligosaccharides), nutritional value is relatively high, and oligosaccharide composition is also good for bowel defecation. Milk chews are fresh milk after the secondary processing of finished products, went through dehydration and high temperature. So milk chews are not equal to milk, but they are very convenient nutritional supplements.

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