Gro’ Kids Chews Dairy Milk Chews

The OneOne Gros Kids Dairy Milk Chews comes with 4 different products, which are 100% sourced from the New Zealand grass-fed cows, offering a delicious, nutritious, non-sticky taste of real milk. 


Gro’s Kids Dairy Milk Chews provide a variety of nutrients, apart from the high content of Calcium and beneficial nutrients naturally found in milk to support bone and teeth health and development, it also contains specially added other valuable nutrients, such as DHA, Minerals, Vitamin C, Berries extract etc., to address specific health needs.  

All milk chews are easy to munch and non-sticky, helping maintain good oral environment (especially for children).

OneOne products are proudly made in New Zealand from imported and local ingredients. Certified by FernMark Licence (Licence no. 100089).

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