Moo’ Chews Dairy Milk Chews

The OneOne Moo Chews Dairy Milk Chews are 100% sourced from the New Zealand grass-fed cows, offering a delicious, nutritious, non-sticky taste of real milk. It provides Calcium and beneficial nutrients naturally found in milk to support bone and teeth development.


The rich calcium (2927mg/100g) with high absorption rate (62%-70%) would help growing children and adults to develop and maintain the bone health and contribute to meeting the daily calcium needs.

Moo’ Chews Dairy Milk Chews has 4 pleasant flavours(Natural, Strawberry, Blueberry and Banana)and all milk chews are easy to munch and non-sticky, helping maintain good oral environment (especially for children).

OneOne products are proudly made in New Zealand from imported and local ingredients. Certified by FernMark Licence (Licence no. 100089).

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